Construct is helping school communities re-imagine and redesign the student experience for the 21st century

Schools are deeply creative places. They also face overwhelming challenges and ambiguous conditions. School leaders and teachers know how to creatively solve problems out of necessity. We equip them with powerful tools to amplify and accelerate their work.

We focus on under-resourced rural and urban schools to help close the opportunity gap for student of color and low income students. We believe that in order for the next generation to tackle the most complex problems, we must build creative capacity in all students.

We believe a culture of innovation in schools requires support from business leaders, funders, nonprofit organizations, government officials and community members. Construct convenes community, philanthropy, and business leaders to accelerate our work in schools.

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since 2014, we have had the pleasure of working with innovators in education, teams of students, teachers and principals who are using our tools to design and lead change across their COMMUNITIES.