We Use Design to Inspire Changemakers in Education

To grow a culture of innovation and equitable deeper learning in Oregon public schools, Construct brings the tools of design and innovation to principals and teacher leaders, strengthening their practice and exciting their students!

In an innovation economy, Oregon’s students need design and innovation skills to succeed.

Construct’s coaches, design challenges, and workshops with teachers, students and school leaders train you to think differently, to dive in to real-world problems, and connect to local companies and community organizations for cross-sector engagement.

With teams of students, teachers, and principals, our learning experiences provide the skills and mindsets to ignite change across education communities.

Workshops and Professional Learning

Student Innovation Teams


Teachers as Designers


School Leaders

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Coaching and Design Practice

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Our workshops surface leaders in education ready for innovation. Since 2014, we have worked with teams of students, teachers, and principals who are ready to—and actively—catalyzing change across their communities.