Construct is using design to drive innovation in education and put students at the center of the learning experience. 

We serve as an incubator for the development of disruptive new education programs. Offering design-for-innovation experiences across the education ecosystem we give school leaders the tools they need to modernize and keep pace with a rapidly changing world. 

Construct works with school leaders (intra-preneurs within schools) to build and test student centered curriculum, address system constraints, pilot and test new models for teaching and leaning. If there is potential for implementing new programs at scale, we convene funders and strategic partners and work to integrate within a region and across the state.

Our Roadmap

Oregon, like many states, has struggled to achieve and maintain high levels of high school graduation. Those students who do graduate face an uncertain job market. To address this reality and to instead make Oregon a national leader in educating for the 21st Century, Construct's programs work to elevate and cultivate the high-level, employable skills our kids need to succeed in today's economy. By emphasizing empathy, problem solving, collaboration, creativity, curiosity, grit, and fostering a mindset that supports the ability to take risks, Construct is helping to close the gap between education and employment.

Today, Construct is incubating a method for delivering, at scale, a series of design-for-innovation programs that build upon each other encouraging a culture shift in public schools. Together, these programs, will expand the capacity for creativity and innovation in Oregon schools.”
— Gina Condon, President

Our strategic partners in this effort are:


school retool

Innovate Oregon