We Help Build Cultures of Innovation in Schools and School Districts

By expanding Creative Capacity, a Culture of Innovation can Grow. 

We teach design-for-innovation skills to school leaders, educators, and students to accelerate their creative capacity.

Schools are deeply creative places. They also face overwhelming challenges and ambiguous conditions. School leaders and educators know how to creatively solve problems out of necessity. We equip them with powerful tools to amplify and accelerate their work.

We focus on low-income rural and urban schools because we believe that in order for the next generation to tackle the most complex problems, we must build the creative capacity in all students, especially those who are currently underserved.

We believe a culture of innovation in schools requires support from business leaders, funders, nonprofit organizations, school leaders, government officials and community members. Construct both creates and facilitates programming to build cultures of innovation in schools as well as convenes community and business leaders to support those cultures of innovation. 

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For the last four years we have had the pleasure of working with innovators, teams of students, teachers and principals who are using our tools and training to transform lives. 

Today, Construct is incubating a method for delivering, at scale, a series of design-for-innovation services that build upon each other encouraging a culture shift in public schools. Together, these offerings, will expand the capacity for creativity and innovation in Oregon schools.”
— Gina Condon, President