Join us for Breaker Teacher Professional Development



Teachers: CTE, STEAM/STEM, CORE Subject, and Makerspace Technicians, any educator interested in bringing 21st century skills to their students.

Breaker Professional Development will help you:

  • Build units that matter to students and to the world
  • Prepare students to be the creative, collaborative problem-solvers the new economy demands
  • Increase your students’ creative confidence
  • Facilitate student-centered learning
  • Teach an enterprising mindset to your students
  • Gain the tools, practices, and mindsets to transform the culture at your school. 

Coaching and facilitation services are available after you complete a Breakaway workshop.
Breaker facilitators will work with you at your home site to integrate the method into your curriculum. Aligned with CTE, Core Subject, and STEAM/STEM coursework.


Design Challenges begin with a system problem and end with a prototype of a viable solution to that problem. Students lead the process and culminate with "pitch-day" an opportunity to bring in community members to support student learning. Breaker PD will teach you how to run design challenges within your classroom. 


Design Challenges allow students to hone their skills as creative problem solvers and add immediacy and relevancy to coursework. Cover your important content areas while your students practice skills needed for success in the new economy.