Recruitment is Currently Open for our 2017 Summer Design Challenge: The Future of Learning

This Year’s Summer Design Challenge Will Run July 31st - August 11th

  • Students will meet from 10:00am - 3:00pm each day Monday - Friday
  • Base camp for the design challenge will be at Concordia University
  • Meals will be provided and a transportation stipend for busing and light rail is available
  • No experience needed; all are welcome!
  • Students need to fill out a brief application. Registration link below.

Questions? Contact Erin Bray at

Teachers, Counselors, Coaches: We Need Your Help!

Who are the students that would most enjoy and benefit from this experience?

THE CHALLENGE: In our rapidly changing world, one institution remains the static: Our Schools

The prevailing factory education model no longer prepares our students for success in their post-graduate lives nor does it give teachers the freedom to adopt more relevant instructional approaches.

How might we...

  • Redesign school and the role of “learner”?
  • Engage the community with 21st century learners?

Breaker Student Design Challenges:

  • Are human-centered and real-world relevant
  • Teach students to use an innovator’s toolkit
  • Develop students’ enterprising mindset
  • Hone students’ ability to communicate, collaborate, and think critically
  • Students will exit Breaker with new skills, a new sense of self, and a new understanding of their city. Ready-for-impact products and services will result from Breaker.

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Applications are still being received. Register below.