Breaker Design Challenges

2016 Future of Livable Cities

2015 Future of Food

In 2015, Construct helped Breaker adapt the "Breakout" model for high school students and partnered with College Possible to run the Future of Food design challenge. 


2017 Future of Learning

In 2016, Construct and College Possible supported by industry leaders Ecotrust, Zidell Yards, and Urban Development + Partners exposed students to the world of commercial real estate and urban development in "The Future of Livable Cities".


2018 Future of Stuff

In the 2017 Breaker Design Challenge, The Future of Learning students partnered with community and industry leaders in a two week sprint to investigate and design three product- and service-based solutions that improve education in the 21st century. The Future of Learning was supported by the Oregon Business Council.

In the 2018 Breaker Design Challenge, supported by the Oregon Business Council, students looked at consumerism and limited life cycle of the “stuff” we buy.

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