Demonstrated Potential


At Construct, we have been working hard to catalyze and cultivate the creative capacity of students, educators, and school leaders. Read below for examples of our work with schools and school districts. 

  • Newberg

    • In Newburg, Construct has worked, in partnership with Innovate Oregon and with support from the Austin Family Foundation, with school leaders and educators to catalyze their journey to building creative capacity and a culture of innovation in schools.

  • Future of Stuff

    • In the 2018 Breaker Design Challenge, supported by the Oregon Business Council, students looked at consumerism and limited life cycle of the “stuff” we buy.  

  • High Desert Education Service District

    • In the winter of 2018, 20 Central Oregon public school administrators learned techniques to “hack” new ideas and solutions for their schools. The middle- and high school principals and vice principals, represented in this second Oregon cohort of the School Retool program hail from four unique school districts across the region: Culver, Redmond, Crook County, and Bend/LaPine.

  • Future of Learning

    • In the 2017 Breaker Design Challenge, “The Future of Learning” students partnered with community and industry leaders in a two week sprint to investigate and design three product- and service-based solutions that improve education in the 21st century. The Future of Learning was supported by the Oregon Business Council.

  • Liveable Cities

    • In 2016, Construct and College Possible supported by industry leaders Ecotrust, Zidell Yards, and Urban Development + Partners exposed students to the world of commercial real estate and urban development in "The Future of Livable Cities.

Our Director of Programs, Katie Krummeck, has worked nationally, creating and facilitating design experiences across the education ecosystem, for nearly a decade. Read below for examples of her work leveraging design thinking in schools, both to drive change in the schools as well as to shift the way teachers teach and students learn.

  • Principal Impact Collaborative

    • PIC is a unique professional growth and learning opportunity for principals from North Texas public school districts to work together in small teams to develop and execute a transformative improvement project for their school. Over the two year program, principals in the cohort have dedicated time each month away from their campus to refine their leadership skills and hone their project idea in order to drive impact at their school. Katie served as the lead facilitator for the principals’ design thinking trainings. In this program, Katie led a five day summer institute as well as monthly sessions for the first two quarters of the school year. Read more here.

      “Through these sessions, Katie has designed and implemented thought-provoking, inspiring, and engaging learning opportunities so that through our program, our principals can design small-scale innovative ideas to improve their schools.  In this time, I have been more than impressed with Katie’s ability to teach, inspire, and challenge in her role as a facilitator.  I believe any organization would be lucky to engage with her.”

      - Alejandra Barbosa, Program Director, Principal Impact Collaborative

  • Parish Episcopal School

    • Katie led a small team of external designers and a committee of Parish teachers and school leaders through a multi-year process to use design thinking to reimagine the use of time as an instructional resource at Parish. Read more here.

      “It is my privilege to communicate how pleasurable and powerful it has been to know and work with Katie Krummeck over the last three years. Her impact both on me as a school leader and on our school community has been significant.” 

      - Dave Monaco, Head of School, Parish Episcopal School

“Parish understood the need for a different approach to initiating change. Katie and her team have been instrumental in gifting us with their knowledge, expertise and time. Our faculty have embraced this design model, understand, and appreciate that they have been involved in the design process from the beginning.”

- Michelle Lyon, Assistant Head of School, Parish Episcopal School

  • Solar Prep, Dallas Independent Schools

    • Solar Prep is an innovative new public elementary school. Their staff and faculty were seeking to integrate both making and design thinking into their curriculum. Solar Prep partnered with Katie to develop curriculum, train staff and faculty and implement the curriculum with coaching. Read more here.

”Over two years, Katie worked with Solar Prep teachers on a bi-weekly basis to refine the curriculum  and train teachers in Maker Education concepts. She was able to transfer her knowledge to our teachers in  a way that was easy to understand and motivating. Because of Katie’s ability to guide and support teachers in such a positive and engaging way, they are now able to share their knowledge with other schools and educators. Although we are disappointed that Katie is leaving Dallas, we are confident that  the skills and knowledge that she shared at Solar Prep will allow us to sustain a successful Maker Education program well into the future. Not only was Katie providing much-needed leadership to teachers at Solar Prep, she was doing the same  at dozens of other schools in Dallas, creating excitement for Maker Education across the city. Katie has truly made a great impact on the education community in Dallas.”

- Jennifer Turner, Assistant Principal, Solar Prep School for Girls

  • The Lamplighter School

    • The Lamplighter School is an independent elementary school located in Dallas, Texas. Their staff and faculty were seeking to integrate both making and design thinking into their curriculum. Solar Prep partnered with Katie to develop curriculum, train staff and faculty and implement the curriculum with coaching. Read more here.

      “In the last two years, Katie has come to Lamplighter for whole group and small group sessions where she introduced and reinforced concepts related to design thinking. I most appreciate her "team time lunch meetings" where she spent an hour discussing large projects that teachers wanted to implement. It was under Katie's tutelage that our faculty grew so rapidly in their knowledge and confidence.” 

      - Vicki Rainey, Assistant Head of School, The Lamplighter School