For Teachers


Teacher are designers, creating and iterating on meaningful learning experiences everyday!

Our next open enrollment Breakaway: Intro to Design Thinking will be offered fall of 2019. Let us know you are interested by signing up below. We also bring Breakaway to individual districts and cater to your scheduling needs.

Breakaway: Intro to Design Thinking

learn techniques that will help you:

  • turn your curriculum into real world problem solving exercises

  • encourage students to lead their own learning experience

  • Expand your own capacity for creativity and innovation

  • join a community of like minded teachers eager to re-imagine the classroom experience and prepare young people for a rapidly changing world

The Breakaway workshop series is a 12 hour commitment spread over 2 months in which teachers engage in several cycles of design to develop fluency with the process. Next, they leverage new skills and create relevant student-centered learning experiences in their classrooms. By providing a solid framework for students to lead their own learning, teachers are able to nurture hard-to-teach skills like collaboration, creative confidence, critical thinking, and communication.

Join our Breakaway workshop if you are a teacher who is…

  • Looking to infuse your instruction with design challenges

  • Looking for higher levels of student engagement from your curriculum

  • Looking for ways to better utilize or launch a makerspace

  • Wanting to change the culture of instruction at your school

  • Looking to build your personal design mindsets and innovation capacity

  • Looking for a refresh, a boost, inspiration, and/or high quality, engaging PD

We can also create custom experiences, so please inquire!