For School Leaders

At Construct, we believe school leaders want to innovate but aren’t given the time or tools to do so. The tools and methods of design can help school leaders grow their creative capacity and accelerate their work.

We believe cultures of innovation take hold when students, teachers, and school leaders have tapped their capacity for creativity. When a culture of innovation takes hold at a school, school leaders and teachers will feel energized and students will get what they need to succeed in the future.

At Construct, we know that school leaders have a lot on your plate. That’s why we offer introductory catalytic experiences that are a low time commitment and give you exposure to the power of the design process. From there, we seek school and district partners who are excited to go deeper and develop the creative capacity in their school leaders, teachers, and students in order create a larger culture of innovation at the school. 

If you are a school leader…

  • Looking for new ways to work and lead through change, try School Retool.

  • Looking to move your school toward Deeper Learning practices, try School Retool.

  • Looking to build your personal design mindsets and innovation capacity, try Innovation Project or School Retool.

  • Looking to infuse a strategic planning or implementation process with a more human-centered, innovative approach, try an Innovation Project.

  • Looking to infuse your school’s instruction with design challenges, recommend a  Breakaway Workshop for your faculty or a Breaker Challenge for your students.

  • Looking to move your school’s instruction to support students developing the skills they need to participate in the new economy, recommend a Breakaway Workshop for your faculty or Breaker Challenge for your students.

  • With an underutilized makerspace or you are ready to take your makerspace to the next level, recommend a Maker-Based Instruction Workshop for your faculty.

We can also create custom experiences, so please inquire!