We find new ways to engage industry partners and prepare all students to thrive as professionals in the 21st century.

Economic development in Oregon is contingent upon the next generation of workers, leaders, and problem-solvers. While the demands of our professional world have changed significantly over the past century, K-12 education has remained practically stagnant. As a result, students are experiencing an outdated approach to learning that leaves them ill-prepared for post-graduate careers.

A healthy future of learning involves a blurring of the line between educators and employers. Our mission at Construct is to ensure all students are prepared with the skills they need to succeed in this rapidly changing world. On our quest to introduce break- through approaches  to teaching and learning, we seek new programs that link educators with employers. We count on our industry partners to serve as innovation funders, mentors, and to engage students in real-world learning opportunities.

The demand for Breaker and other Construct programs is growing, but schools and school districts may not have the funds to integrate these services on their campus. You can bring these critical skills-building opportunities to more Oregon youth by offering your industry expertise as a program volunteer, and in helping us build an innovation fund that will help expand our efforts across our state.

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