Teenagers Model Business, Achieve Ugly Success

Who says teenagers are too young to learn entrepreneurship basics?

Here in Portland Oregon, a group of high school students used business modeling to achieve what can only be described as an ugly success.

The teens participated in a “Future of Food” design challenge sponsored by Portland education incubator Construct Foundation.

Their task: 1) research food-related business ideas, 2) test their findings through interviews with farmers, producers, distributors, and food entrepreneurs, 3) build and verify prototypes, then 4) pitch the resulting business models to an audience of food industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors. 

Breaker Design Challenge: The Future of Livable Cities - Week 1 Recap

Monday, August 8th, launched our third consecutive student design challenge with Project Breaker: The Future of Livable Cities. Gathering students from David Douglas,  Franklin, James Madison and Gresham high schools, were welcomed to their home base at Portland State University’s Center for Professional and Executive Education. Breaker Facilitators, Amy Lauren Botula and Stephanie Nudelman, led ice-breakers to introduce students to each other and delivered the question central to the challenge:

How might we plan for and design eco-friendly neighborhoods to maximize the quality of life for Portland residents of varying cultures and income levels? 

What does KairosPDX Co-Founder have to say about Construct?

"Construct Foundation believes in a child-centered approach to education that draws from the leading research about how children learn best. This belief coupled with a strategic three-year investment in KairosPDX has made room for us to develop a transformative model for historically underserved kids that lays the foundation for closing systemic opportunity and achievement gaps. We are thrilled to have Construct's investment of resources and ideas to make sure our model is ahead of the curve. "

- Kali Thorne, ED and Co-Founder KairosPDX