The Shadow a Student Challenge Begins!

We are inspired by efforts to close the gap between, how we prepare our young people in school today AND what the world expects of them tomorrow. At Construct, we use the tools of design to inspire curious, creative, and confident change-makers in education. Since 2014, we have been working with students, teachers, school leaders, community, and industry partners to catalyze an eco-system ready to re-imagine and re-design student-centered learning experiences. Our mission is to ensure all young people have the skills they need to thrive today and tomorrow.

Make sure students are at the center of the conversation abut school improvement!
Take the challenge, spend a day walking in the shoes of an Oregon public school student. 

The Shadow a Student Challenge happens across the country each year. Organized by the School Retool team, part of the K12 Lab at Stanford's, this national event begins tomorrow, February 25.

All of the Oregon School Retool Fellows will participate. We thought it would be fun to spread even wider and across educational stakeholders!

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Will you take the Challenge this year?

The Shadow a Student Challenge is a journey that starts with seeing school through a student's eyes, identifying meaningful opportunities to improve the experience for your students, and taking action to create change at your school, for your students and community.

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Beginning on February 25th, educators from around the world will spend a day immersing themselves into the lives of students to deeply understand what school is like for young people today.

It's hands-on.
This is not an observation. This is not a fly-on-the-wall experience. This is an opportunity to really get a sense of what school is like through eyes of a students by becoming a student again. Your student is going to PE class? Get your gym clothes on. Taking a test in math class? You’re taking it too! You’ll walk away from the day with a newfound understanding of your school, and your students.

It's about the student.
By taking this Challenge, you are committing to experiencing your Shadow Day as a student. You will receive tools and materials to support you in selecting the student you want to shadow, setting a learning goal for your Shadow Day, and tips from previous Shadowers on how to really immerse yourself into the student experience – it's harder than you think to step out of our teacher shoes!

It's also about action.
Shadowing can lead to deeper insight into your school; you'll likely surface some challenges and obstacles facing your school and students, and you will also have a new sense of the amazing things your school is already doing. This challenge is designed to help you figure out what's important, and how to take immediate action to address the insights you'll gather gathered during your experience. You'll receive tools, resources, and ideas for ways you can take action at your school based on your Shadow Day experience. The Shadow is just the beginning!


But enough from us. Check out this great PBS Video Featurethis Podcast on the Innovation Playlist, read some of the great stories, media, and blogs from teachers and school leaders who have taken the Challenge in the past, or check the #shadowastudent hashtag on Twitter

We are thrilled to kick off 2019 focused on what's important – our students.

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