School Retool Principal Fellowship


Breakaway: An Intro to Design Thinking for Teachers 

Intro to Maker Based Instruction

Creativity Prompts for the Classroom

Design Thinking Subject Area Deep Dives

Innovation Projects

Your team + design methods + facilitation = custom deliverable

Your team will learn how to design change in your school by collaborating on a relevant problem led by our team of designers. We introduce design methods and lead you through a human centered approach to defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing a new solution.

Student Design Teams

Preparing the next generation of leaders for Innovation!

Young people will need to create, problem solve, and innovate in jobs of the future. Relevant student learning experiences must include opportunities to learn the skills of the innovator. Our student innovation teams design value added solutions to real world problems and engage with industry leaders along the way. 

Breaker design challenges are immersive experiences, 50 hours over two weeks. They combine design methods with social innovation. Students leave Breaker design challenges with new confidence in their ability to uncover opportunities and create value in the world