For School Leaders

If you are looking for A new way to lead through change and move your school toward deeper learning practices


Become a School Retool Fellow!


School Retool

A toolkit for school Innovation

In a workshop setting with peers from across your region, learn and practice useful tools to address your most pressing problems. You will leave this workshop with effective strategies to lead a culture of innovation and expand deeper learning opportunities across your campus!

We add local and ongoing coaching support, funding support, team support, and connect you with a growing number of School Retool Fellows across Oregon and the country.


school retool

Developed in partnership between Stanford’s K12 Lab and the design firm IDEO. Research and funding on Deeper Learning competencies provided by the Hewlett Foundation.

At School Retool you will acquire the mindsets, tools, and peer support needed to redesign your school culture! Become part of a growing number of Retool Fellows, across Oregon and the county, who use "hacks" - small experiments built on research based practices- to catalyze "Deeper Learning" outcomes for all of your students.

“This was the most well-timed, streamlined, helpful PD I've had as an administrator. I am a VP in my 5th year of administration, with a principalship on the horizon. My confidence to lead a building and fellow educators grew exponentially through this Fellowship! I have a simple framework, Big Ideas, and levers to help me take simple, small actions and make things happen! I've gotten WAY more out of this experience than I hoped for."

-- Central OR Cohort 2017 Participant

The School Retool Fellowship includes: 4 full days, Shadow a Student Day, Coaching and “Hacks” in between workshops.

Want to Bring your Teachers Along?

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Compliments School Retool with a focus on designing student lead learning experiences.