"Being on the Breaker team was such an awesome opportunity. I was able to really tap into my creative side, and test my ability to think outside the box. With all the challenges, field trips, and work sessions our brains we're molded and remolded until the very last pitch day. 

The most important thing, in my opinion, was learning the design process hands on. The way we were designing for people was a life changing concept for me. Having a project be "human centered" really changes the outcome. For example, one of the first activities was to design a wallet. Of course everybody designed a wallet to reflect their own needs. Then we were challenged to build a wallet for somebody else's needs and it was harder than the first time. Bringing in that element of selflessness was truly eye opening.”  

- David Culwell, Future of Food Breaker, graduated Gresham Barlow HS 2015

"Breaker is an experience that I will never forget. It really challenged me to be more creative and to get out of my comfort zone. Not only did it challenge me to be more creative, it also inspired me to be more confident in my work and ideas. It surprised me how much I was able to learn in only 10 days. Breaker has inspired me to dream big and that even my most craziest ideas can change the world. I am so grateful that I was able to build such strong connections and learn so much from all the students and adult leaders around me.”

- Natalia Garcia, Future of Food Breaker, St Mary’s High School