• We are fierce advocates for modern approaches to education that improve learning outcomes and prepare Oregon students for success in a rapidly changing world.

  • We fight for equity in learning. All students should have the chance to rise.

  • We believe in teachers — they are the most creative and hardworking people around! We also believe in educational leaders — who want to inspire and lead communities of lifelong learning. Our tools and practices help them to create a culture of innovation in schools.

  • Small by design, we use a hybrid model of grant-making and program design and facilitation. Construct works at the nexus of: local school communities, education policymakers, business leaders, higher education leaders, non-profit partners, and funders.

  • We draw from research-based best practices of business, design and education to drive forward our work building cultures of innovation in schools. We believe in the power of cross-sector collaboration to drive innovation. We also believe that schools should have the best tools from every sector available to them. We love introducing students, educators and leaders in education to tools not commonly used in schools in order to cultivate their creative capacity.

  • Our mission is not possible without partners who recognize this critical opportunity to serve current and future generations.