In the 2017 Breaker Design Challenge, The Future of Learning students partnered with community and industry leaders in a two week sprint to investigate and design three product- and service-based solutions that improve education in the 21st century. In every Breaker Design Challenge, High School Students learn to use the tools and mindsets of the innovator and entrepreneur as they develop high level transferable skills useful in any past graduate path they choose.

See how one middle school assistant principal used School Retool to make big changes and culture shift toward deeper learning on her campus. Deeper learning helps prepare kids in under-served communities for a world in the innovation economy. 

In 2016, Construct and College Possible supported by industry leaders Ecotrust, Zidell Yards, and Urban Development + Partners exposed students to the world of commercial real estate and urban development in "The Future of Livable Cities".

In 2015, Construct helped Breaker adapt the "Breakout" model for high school students and partnered with College Possible to run the Future of Food design challenge. 

In 2014, Construct provided fundraising and direct grants to enable Breaker to prototype the first "Breakout" challenge. With direct impact to 12 students, 38 professional development seats and numerous industry partners.

Construct Foundation: Rebuilding Education from Incubation to Integration